Customized For Your Needs

Using only state-of-the-art technology, we guarantee this treatment will exceed your expectations. This service is highly customizable so that each client can achieve their desired results without compromise. If you’re interested in this service contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced team members.



Mud Mask

Our skin is constantly changing and affected by weather, air conditioning, hormones and unfortunately over time our skin matures.  We have a range of treatments facials and peels from Mild, Moderate and Deep peels to suit your individual skin condition.  Kristine  will devise and deliver a custom treatment designed to suit your goals and your skins needs.  As all of our treatments are tailored to suit each individual, your skin may require suitable preparation prior to any treatments.


Skin Analysis                                                                                                    $45.00

(redeemable on purchase of product or service)


Teen Scene Treatment                                                                       from   $64.00

Ideal for acne and acne prone skins, this cleansing treatment is ideal decongest clogged and congested skin types using a Detox activated charcoal and clay mask.


Medi-Detox Facial or Pick Me Up Facial                                                   $99.00

A deep cleansing detoxifying facial treatment individually tailored to your skins needs. An ideal cleansing treatment that can be performed between more intense treatments and peels. This treatment will leave your skin feeling hydrated, radiant and wonderful. A treatment that is truly addictive.


La Bella Faccia Peels

We class our peels as “Today and Tomorrow” peels.  Some of them can be performed “today” with no prepping of the skin required.  Some of our deeper “tomorrow” peels require the skin to be properly prepped for 2 – 4weeks prior with a tyrosinase inhibitor and or an AGP Vitamin A complex.

Our skin consultations are complimentary, so feel free to make an appointment to discuss the right peel for you.


Today Medical Peels                                                                             from $129.00

Medical strength peels are performed to address skin concerns ranging from rough, dull lifeless skin, to sun damage, ageing, hyperpigmentation, congestion and oily acneic conditions.  Peels are extremely effective when performed as a course of treatment in conjunction with a prescribed home care regime.


Lactobotanical Peel 

Our Aspect Dr Hydrating Botanical Peel series is the perfect introduction to those of you that are looking to start skin treatments.  A fantastic hydrating peel, that will exfoliate with lactic acid and nourish the skin with hydrating botanicals, giving you instant, brighter complexion. No matter what your skin concerns, whether it be signs of premature ageing, dehydration, sun damage, excessive oiliness or clogged pores.

Blueberry Peel

Refressing antioxidant peel combining gentle acid with active blueberry extracts..  Lighty exfoliates the skin.  Suitable for all skin types.  We recommend this peel when you're looking to smooth away surface impurities and invigorate the skin for a clear, youthful glow.


Pomegranate Peel

Lavish your skin with antioxidants including Pomegranate and red wine (Resveratrol) to prevent free radical damage and support the life span of healthy cells.  Working to even out the top layers of the skin, the Pomegranate Peel nourishes and infuses the skin with moisture to leave it glowing and radiant.


Intense C-Peel                                                                                      from $149.00

An exfoliant masque designed to soften the appearance of rough and sun damaged skin while delivering powerful Vitamin C to help promote a healthy radiant appearance.


Environ Cool Peel System                                                                   from $129.00

Reveal Beautiful Skin with the Environ LACM Cool Peel System.  This effective modern facial peel is used to help treat the signs of ageing and problematic skin conditions without the downtime of  traditional peels. The Cool peel system uses a lower concentration of lactic acid over a series of light repetative treatments.  The aim is a more gentle but effective way to achieve healthier skin, with less redness and downtime.  This includes an alginate mask treatment (cooling peel off mask to assist in normalising the pH of skin leaving a soothng and calming after feel. Promotes hydration of the skin and physically obstructs trans-epidermal water loss).


Advanced Medical Peels   (Tomorrow Peel)                                         

Our most powerful treatments, tomorrow’s treatments provide medium depth resurfacing to make the skin appear dramatically tighter and smoother. - These peels require some advanced skin preparation prior to treatment.


Pumpkin Peel                                                                                         from $129.00

This mask combines Pumpkin Fruit Enzymes to exfoliate and Salicylic Acid to deeply cleanse and disinfect the skin.  Glutathione and gluconic Acid are used to calm and hydrate the skin promoting a clear complexion.  Excellent for thick and resilient skin, problem skin and sun damaged skin.


Benefit Peel                                                                                            from $150.00    

Now there is a “peel” for everyone regardless of skin type or skin condition. Utilizing encapsulated retinol, this potent antioxidant peel    

helps deliver a blend of  nourishing and natural nutrients into the skin layers, without excessive peeling. This peel suits hypersensitive, ageing, or acne prone skin, even those with Rosacea as it helps strengthen capillary walls and protect from harmful environmental factors.  Benefit Peel™ is gentle enough for sensitive skin patients with the calming benefits of Vitamin C and fruit enzymes to feed the skin with vital nutrients. Clinical testing shows, 91 percent of Benefit Peel recipients  reported brighter skin, more uniform tone and less apparent wrinkles in just six weeks.


Aspect Dr Vitamin A Peel                                                                   from $129.00

Already adicted to Vitamin A and want to take things that step further, then you will adore our professionally administered Vit A  resurfacing treatment.  Great for fine lines and wrinkles, dull, rough and visible pores.  Damaged skin cannot surrender to this powerful rehab program.


Cosmedix Essential Peptide Peel                                                       from $129.00

Manage the visible signs of ageing with a blend of potent peptide and stem technology to reveal smoother, younger looking skin.  This gentle metabolic treatment offers exfoliation with Lactic acid and Retinol with additional Raspberry oil which naturally absorbs UV radiation.  This treatment also helps to protect the skin from further damage.


Add Ons

LED Therapy                                                                                      $ 40.00

​Microdermabrasion added to any treatment                                     $ 40.00

Alginate Mask                                                                                    $ 30.00 with other treatments

                                                                                                           $ 40.00 as single treatment